If you are nervous about your procedure or generally anxious when it comes to procedures in doctors rooms then conscious sedation may be for you.

Our sedation service provides all equipment, monitors and drugs to provide for safe in room procedural sedation in almost any location. We have ensured that all patients will be provided with state of the art medical equipment that meets all local and international guidelines. We require minimal space to set up and are thus ideally suited to procedures in surgeon's rooms.

All sedationists working for the service have either a postgraduate diploma in anaesthesia or are registered specialist anaesthetists, and all are registered with the HPCSA.

With Sound Asleep Sedation Services you can rest assured that you will be attended to by a highly skilled anaesthetist with state of the art equipment, whose only concern is your comfort and safety, to ensure you receive safe, specialised, surgical sedation.
Sound Asleep is a specialised sedation service providing in room procedural sedation in any safe setting amenable to surgeons and patients alike.

There are several advantages to performing certain procedures under sedation away from the traditional environment of the operating theatre.

These include less anxiety, cost saving, lower incidence of side effects than general anaesthesia while maintaining safety standards equal to those found in an operating theatre.

Patients who have conscious sedation for their procedure will feel relaxed, calm and sometimes drowsy. They do not go to sleep and are still able to talk. This makes the procedure remarkably pleasant and results in the patient having an enjoyable experience. This is not a general anaesthetic and therefore there is very little "hangover" effect. Patients are generally able to leave within 30min of the completion of the procedure.


How is conscious sedation different from a general anaesthetic?

General anaesthesia is a drug induced loss of consciousness providing complete amnesia during which a patient cannot be roused even by painful stimuli.

Conscious sedation is a drug induced depression of consciousness during which a patient responds to verbal commands, with or without a light tactile stimulus, e.g. tapping the patient's forehead or squeezing their hand.



What procedures can I perform in my rooms under conscious sedation?

The scope of procedural sedation for surgery is a massive, but largely untapped market in South Africa. Most surgery that can be performed with the aid of local anaesthetic, is under the duration of 2 hours and allows for discharge shortly after completion of the procedure, can utilise procedural sedation. We encourage you to contact us should you wish to find out if a particular kind of surgery is amenable to procedural sedation.


Sound Asleep Sedation Services provides the ability to conduct in room conscious sedation in an entirely safe setting. Not only do we provide equipment, monitoring and pharmaceuticals for the actual sedation, but all other equipment required to be in line with SASA guidelines for safe sedation.



Starvation guidelines apply as for any anaesthetic: No food, only clear fluids for 6 hours before the sedation and nothing at all for 2 hours before the sedation.
Clear fluids are non particulate fluids that you are able to read newsprint through. Good examples are water, grape juice and sports drinks. Anything else is considered a full meal.


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